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Michaela PrambsMichaela Prambs 

Formatting lost on mobile

Hello everybody,

I was creating some VF pages and in Salesforce Classic it looks like this


But having a look into the mobile version, so Salesforce1, it looks like this


Any suggestions what to do to remain on the formatting also on mobile?

Thank you.

Hi Michaela,

In Salesforce1 there was a recent change to not include the stylesheets for Visualforce pages by default. You should just need to include the attribute standardStylesheets="true" in your opening page tag and that should bring in the same formatting in Salesforce1. 
<apex:page standardStylesheets="true">
Spring '15 release notes noting this change:

Visualforce page component attributes:
Michaela PrambsMichaela Prambs
Hi kgil,

sorry but that didn't work :(