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swapnil kaleswapnil kale 

Community User Should See/Edit his Records

I have created a community. Cloned a Profile with license "Customer Community Plus". When i login into as an customer I see all the Accounts.

I want to change this. User should see/edit only related account and contact.

Account are created by admin hence owner of record is admin.

I tried to make Account as private in "Sharing Settings" and community user was able to see only related record but was not able to edit the record. 

How should i implement this?


SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 

As you have made Account as private, Any user will only be able to edit his owned records, therefore, the community user is also only able to see the record and not edit it.Did you try creating a sharing rule for this user? If not, its worth trying that.
Chris GibsonChris Gibson
How do you create a sharing rule when dealing with Customer Community Plus users? They are all given their own unique role.