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Tina CancinoTina Cancino 

Administrator rights to a specific application

We have a salesforce instance with multiple applications. This setup allows the admin role the ability to configure everything in  every app. Howeever, I have a new customer that wants admin rights to be able to configure their own app e.g. manage users, layouts etc.  How can I accomplish this? I'm thinking I need to set up a new SF instance or is there a way to use the existing instance and just restrict configuration to his application by creating a custom role?
Hi Tina,

You can use the same instance, but the only caveat is on the "Manage Users" piece which i will come back to later. For the other part, you can simply either go with different profiles, and overlay those with Permission sets for different apps which would allow the page layout changes and so on, on a per app basis simply based on visibility. As for the Manage Users, this is tricky in the sense that Users are outside of the App, hence, manage users, allows to manage all users so for this one, i would recommend going with a model that has a single point of contact for your org, that manages all users, so that the app manager can make requests for his/her changes instead.

Here's a good trail to understand the architecture in action: https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/data_security/data_security_overview

Good Luck