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Michael Johnson 29Michael Johnson 29 

SOQL Query Knowledgeable People (topic endorsement)?

Is there a way to query Knowledgeable People (people endorsed on a topic) through Apex? You can grab this information through the Chatter API:

"Topics, Endorse People (/connect/topics/topicId/endorsements) is a collection of endorsements on knowledgeable people for a specific topic. Use this resource to endorse people for the specified topic and to get information about endorsements for a specific topic."

But I'd like to query this object in SOQL. I thought the object might be KnowledgeableUser, but it doesn't appear to be the case (the metadata is not the same, and querying against this does not return the same results as the Chatter API).

Any ideas?

Michael Johnson 29Michael Johnson 29
An update on this. This information is captured in the KnowledgeableUser object. It did however take almost 24 hours to query these records in SOQL, while using the Chatter API returned immediately. Is this a bug?
It's a "working as designed" frustration.

"Knowledgeable people are calculated and updated once a day."