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Jack VolkovJack Volkov 

Set Flow Offset Unit in Minutes?

How can a Flow's Wait Logic Offset Unit be set in minutes?  Is there a way to convert hours or days to minutes using decimals?  For example does 0.1 = 6 minutes?

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Jack VolkovJack Volkov
This ended up working out:
  1. Create a datetime formula to equal to 55 minutes ago like {!$Flow.CurrentDateTime} - (1/26.2)
  2. Name this datetime formula something that is easy to understand like MinutesAgo55
  3. In the Wait step, under Event Conditions, use this formula as the Base Time then set the Offset Number to 1 and the Offset Unit to Hours
Like so:
Wait Step image

This causes wait period to be about 5 minutes from when the flow starts.
Leandro Valdes VieraLeandro Valdes Viera
Hi, I have read before that although this is mathematically correct, it isn't guaranteed to work all the time? I tried following this and having the wait time be less than 1 minute and couldn't get it to work, it was always at least 1 minute and a few seconds.
Anyone has any insight on how to make this work consistently?