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Glenn Nyhan 26Glenn Nyhan 26 

Trying to Solve Cross Object Formula Issue

I am trying to create a cross object formula field on the Opportunity object so I can display the information contained in the field Check/Reference Number on the custom Payment object. The field for Check/Reference Number API named is npe01__Check_Reference_Number__c. But when I try to create the the cross object formula I get an error message stating the field doesn't exists. I have also taken the approach of trying to create a workflow rule that will update a custom field on the opportunity object with the information in the Check/Reference Number field, but cannot find the field to insert it in the workflow. Does anyone have any suggestions. We are using NPSP 3
Onesh ReddyOnesh Reddy
Hi Glenn,
As far as i can understand that you have crated a Lookup relation on custom Payment object (Relating to Opportunity).If this is the case,
Opportunity acts as Parent and Payment object as its  Child. Cross object formula field cannot be created on Parent Object that maps a value from child.(It is not possible even with MasterDetail Relationship between objects)

Let me know if it helps you.


Onesh ReddyOnesh Reddy
You can achieve this by creating one more Lookup relation.
Create a Lookup Relation on Opportunity object(Relating to Payment object), which enables access to each others Fields.
As both objects has Lookup relations to each other.