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Daniel Smith @GrowthHackerAUDaniel Smith @GrowthHackerAU 

Apex Developer - Brisbane Australia (#EqualPayDay Friendly)

If you are a passionate team player with strong experience building Salesforce Apex applications for the Appexchange and want to join an established, exciting, and growing company based in Brisbane http://ow.ly/10BaBv
Daniel Smith @GrowthHackerAUDaniel Smith @GrowthHackerAU
Oops, the connected link: http://ow.ly/10BaBv
Ramesh KallooriRamesh Kalloori
Hi Daniel,

Please go through my profile and contact details.


Email: Kallooriramesh@gmail.com
Skype: Ramesh.Kalloori

Val KozhirnovVal Kozhirnov
Hello Daniel,

Your proposal is very interesting. Could you contact me to via email (valery.kozhirnov@jet-bi.com)