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Pankaj Verma 12Pankaj Verma 12 

API returning 503 Service Unavailable, although the server never receives a request from Salesforce.

Our SF team was consuming a third party API, but without change in any code the response returned now is 
Unable to tunnel through proxy. Proxy returns "HTTP/1.0 503 Service Unavailable"

The API is actually not receiving any request on the server side, so they are unable to help. Thus asking if someone else has had a similar issue and a viable solution for the same.
Simon WalkerSimon Walker

We are having the exact same issue - did you solve this? 


sony sonusony sonu
hi !!!!!! pankaj and sinon walker  nice to meet you ....i need a help , that 
is it possible to make rest callouts from salesforce to the external application , which is hosted locally i.e local server (private) not published yet ...actually i had used rest callout and given the endpoint url of external application and passed keyvalue in headers ,which is hosted in privately, iam getting an error 503 unavailable, 
one of our network team member is asking to provide the unique portnumber, we have sugested and they had enabled 80,443 as default, bt iam gettting the same errror ..do you have any solution, it will be appreciated

the end point url is correct ...bt if accessing from salesfroce it is showing an error 503 service un available... may i know y?? if url is in private mode is it is not used for callouts??
i had posted in developer community.. i had not got the solution still...thanks in advance....

the external application url is not hosted publicly , ,,it is in local server...we need to connect to it and make a callout and get the response
Christina Wildau 13Christina Wildau 13
I have the same question as Sony Sonu. Any input is appreciated. Thank you!