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Viktor SzekeresViktor Szekeres 

Make contact phone number clickable or make dial button


Im trying to solve a problem for days please help. I would like to make my phone numbers on that contact page "clickable". When someone click on the number it should go to a link:

tel://contact.mobile number

(We use Cisco Jabber,any number in the browser typed in the format tel:// will be dilalled.)

Im tired with the HYPERLINK funkcton but i still cant. Anibody have any idea how to solve this?
Sumit Kumar Singh 9Sumit Kumar Singh 9
Hello Viktor,
Have you added your URL to the "Remote Site Settings" ?
If not, pls add the URL by - Remote Site Settings -> New Remote Site.
Pls, Let me know if it helps you.

Sumit Kumar Singh 
Hi Viktor,

HYPERLINK('' , 'tel://'+PhoneNumber)

Please let me know if this helps you!

Balakrishna N 25Balakrishna N 25
Hi Viktor

I am aslo looking for solution..Can any one Help is it posible to make contact Phone number clickable In lighting...
We are doing CTI integration with salesforce Lighting with Action we make call Click2Dail .But I am planning make Phone Number clickable Please suggest me If any information related Salesforce lighting CTI integration

N Balakrishna
Balakrishna N 25Balakrishna N 25
Hi Sumit it would be help for for you

<apex:page standardController="contact"  showHeader="true">
    <support:clickToDial number="{!contact.phone}"