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George RiechmannGeorge Riechmann 

Earned Badge Before I Accepted the Challenge

I actually earned a badge before I accepted the challenge but still after January 18th.  Does that still count toward my 5?  Is there a way to verify how many badges I earned during the challenge period?
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Anuj PatelAnuj Patel
Hi George, I did the same mistake. 

Do not worry, They will count in your challange once you get enrolled. Make sure that you have same email address used to get enrolled in the challage that you have in your Dev Org. 

If you have already enrolled, Please wait for some time. As I see it is taking 24 hours for people to receive a confirmation email. I did receive the email right away but it was in very early stages of the contest. 

So, I would siggest you to make sure what I have mentioned and wait for the email from Salesforce. 
You can see a lot of other people like you in attached post. 

Post your email address there and a Salefroce Advocate will help you.

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