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Installing an AppExchange dashboard package

I'm at the "Install an AppExchange dashboard ..." challenge but I'm worried about trying to do it.  We had a bad experience a few weeks ago when an application admin tried something similar and it went into our Production environment instead of her personal Development environment.  Can I be sure that running this challenge will not affect our Production or Sandbox environments in any way?  
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Kirk Klaphaak 5Kirk Klaphaak 5
Thank you for your very quick replies - they are very helpful - thanks!

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Anuj PatelAnuj Patel
Hi Kirk,

All I need to make sure is, Select sandbox when it ask you where you want to install. Please refer to the following link. It does say the same.


I have done this challange, you just have to read carefully before clicking and you will be fine. 

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Hi Kirk,
First, I think its best to make sure that you are only logged into your personal org and no other orgs when you do this. To check this, after you log in to the App Exchange, look at the email address in the upper right hand corner of the page. (See the screenshot below.) If that is not displaying the right email address associated with your personal dev account, log out, then log in again with the proper account.

If you choose "Log into the App Exchange (Use your salesforce credentials)" and you are currently logged into multiple instances (orgs) you may run into the issue that you mentioned you had last time. Double check the account credentials in the upper right hand corner of the App Exchange page to be sure of which environment you are logged into.

Second, if you are not already logged in, after you click "get it now", you will be prompted to log in with your creds, make sure you use your personal dev org credentials. This should keep anything from happening in any other environment. 

Third, in the final step before agreeing to terms and confirming the instal you are shown the Organization, Edition, and Username of the environment. You can confirm that it is your personal dev org there as well.

Hope that helps! 

Installing Apps into the Right Environment

Kirk Klaphaak 5Kirk Klaphaak 5
Thank you for your very quick replies - they are very helpful - thanks!
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