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Sraboni ChSraboni Ch 

Update lead using Salesforce group edition

I want to create new leads and update existing leads from my PHP website. I can do both these tasks using PHP toolkit in my developer account.
But when I am trying to submit the form in my client's production account, I got API disabled error. My client is using Group edition.

My question is that I can create new leads using Web 2 lead form but is there a way to update an existing lead?

Please help!!
RAM AnisettiRAM Anisetti
API does not support Group edition.
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can use Dataloader.io for update existing lead in Salesforce it will supports for group edition also. Group edition doesn't support API in Salesforce.
Sraboni ChSraboni Ch
Hello Ram,
Is there any other way to achieve this goal?
Sraboni ChSraboni Ch
Hello Pritam,
Thanks for your response.
I need to update lead records when a form is submitted in my website. I cannot do this with Dataloader.