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Ivo DimovIvo Dimov 

Your company's authentication service is down, when users go to login.Salesforce.com

As of a specific time yestarday, most of my users who are on SSO started receving the following error "Your company's authentication service is down". To my suprise, I noticed that they see this error only when they try to get to salesforce manually via "login.salesforce.com". If they go through the SSO integration/link they are able to login.
I thought that maybe my users are confused and that they all should be using the SSO link on our intranet, but when I looked at their user records in the Login History, noticed that they used to connect manually, by using their intranet username and password. For some reason all of a sudden they can not connect as they did before, and their only option is through the SSO link. 
Has anyone seen a simmilar problem?
We have delegated authentication enabled in our Org and sometimes l see this error "Your company's authentication service is down".

Under the Delegated Authentication Error History, I see "java.net.SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out"

I guess its probably due the time-out of the Delegated URL. I am waiting if someone experienced the same issue.
Dan Albrecht 5Dan Albrecht 5
Yes, we are phasing in SSO and are seeing this issue in the APAC region specifically.  Could be a result of poor internet speeds in this area.