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Harish ChauhanHarish Chauhan 

Problem with APEX Data Loader com.sforce.async.CSVReader$CSVParseException:


I am trying to upload the data through the data loader, i am trying to upload more than 50k records and one of the field is cointaing the HTML and css too. Some of the records are very lengthy and I am geting the error:

CSV Error: Invalid CSV file format. Please select a different file.
com.sforce.async.CSVReader$CSVParseException: Not expecting more text after end quote.

can anyone suggest me some way to deal with this error.
Harish ChauhanHarish Chauhan
Thanks Rupali,

I have checked that post but I am unable to get the solution out it, So I needed a more elaborated solution for this. If you can help me out to explain that solution more precisly it will be kind of you.