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Michael Kolodner 6Michael Kolodner 6 

Trouble logging into Trailhead with Safari?

Anyone else having trouble logging into Trailhead with Safari on a Mac?

I'm on a Mac with OS 10.11.3 and Safari 9.0.3 and can't get in. Haven't been able to for several days. (I do the Salesforce login and then get a screen that's blank other than "logging you in") Used to be able to do it no problem.

I think I tried it on my home Mac as well and same problem, but honestly now I can't remember for sure...
Carlos Campillo GallegoCarlos Campillo Gallego
Hi Michael!

Have you tried to send an email to trailhead@salesforce.com ? I believe there was some maintenance these last days but I'm not sure if it affected Trailhead as well. Anyway they sure will try to help you :)