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Tips on deploying to server using IDE

I am trying to migrate one developer org to another one.  I have created the project in eclipse and downloaded all the custom metadata from the first project.  Then I press Deploy to Server.  The first issue is that it seems to prevent me from copying page layouts for standard objects, which is a pain (any thoughts on how to deal with this?).  

User-added image

The second issue is that it generates a whole bunch of error messages when you press Validate Deployment:

User-added image

Is there any way to predict what kind of errors may come out from this type of procedure so you don't have to waste a whole bunch of time?

Are there any other tips about using Eclipse to complete this operation?
I'll start by being frank and saying that Eclipse is probably not the best tool to do this with.  I'd recommend using something a little heavier on the setup, but can give you more options.  I'd recommend looking into Mavensmate [1], Solenopsis [2], Force.com Migration Tool [3] or even using Workbench [4] to generate a zip and deploy that zip to another org.

With that being said, can you expand what errors you are seeing inside of Eclipse? From these screenshots, I can only see that it is trying to delete layouts, but not what the error is when you are trying to delete them or that there are Failures in your list, but not what the failures are.  Having more information on the exact error messages you are seeing will help a lot.

[1] http://mavensmate.com/
[2] http://solenopsis.org/Solenopsis/
[3] https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.daas.meta/daas/
[4] http://workbench.developerforce.com