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Megan Moody 10Megan Moody 10 

Visual Flow text template formatting

I'm trying to get the background color of my text template in a visual flow to be white. However, whenever I use standard HTML syntax it doesn't reflect on the output. 

I've tried putting it in a header
<h2 style="background-color:white">
Background-color set by using red

I've tried putting the text inside a table and setting the color of the background of the table. 

Is this a limitation of text templates in visual flows? Or am I missing something obvious? 
Hi Megan
I'm finding there's very little documentation available for formatting the text templates for Visual flow.  Did you get your question answered?  I'm having some formatting issues as well.
Megan Moody 10Megan Moody 10
No, I never found any more out. I just worked around it as best I could. 
Stacey HusseyStacey Hussey
I'm looking for an answer on this too! I can't find any documentation on it. The Visual Flow style is hideous!
Heather  MickeyHeather Mickey
I appears that Flows text template supports plain text only and that HTML formatting isn't respected: