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Geoff SpozettaGeoff Spozetta 

Changing Landing Page after Login

Hi All,

I'm looking to change the landing page for users to go straight to a visual force page that I've created, rather than the current page which lists all orders. Can anyone probvide any guidance on that?


R Z KhanR Z Khan
Hi Geoff,

1. Go to Setup->Create->App.
2. on the app that you are trying ot modify click "Edit".
3. Modify the Landing tab
R Z KhanR Z Khan
You need to make sure that you have a visualforce tab for the page you are trying to use. If oyu don't then do the following
1. Go to Setup -> Create -> Tabs
2. Scroll down to Visualforce tabs -> click New
3.Select Visualforce page, provide with the name adn tab style, modify the security and click save. 
4. Go back to modifying your tab, now you can select th3 tab with your visualforce page