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Geoff SpozettaGeoff Spozetta 

Conditional Rendering with override

Hi All, I am trying to add some aditional security to a page so that if the user who created the object is not the user who is accessing the page, the rendering will fail unless you're me, a system administrator:

    <apex:PageBlock rendered="{!IF($User.Id==innovation_orders__c.CreatedByID, true, (!IF$User.Profile='System Administrator',true,false))}"  >

However, this is failing due to "Error: Syntax error. Missing ')'"

THis doesn't make sense to me as all I'm asking VF to do is to evaulate the 2nd statement if the first one is a failure.

Any guidance on this or how to fix would be appreciated.



Bhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuriBhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuri
rendered="{!IF($User.Id==innovation_orders__c.CreatedByID || $Profile.Name='System Administrator', true, false)}"
Bhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuriBhaswanthnaga vivek vutukuri
let me know if you still have any issues