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Siva SakthiSiva Sakthi 

How to Create a Salesforce Lightning Component with google map


       How to create the lightning component with google map instead of leaflet map. I saw the leaflet example in this link
'https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/developer-relations/2015/04/creating-salesforce-lightning-map-component.html'  .   But I want to show the google map in lightning component. Please guide me how to get this.

Advance Thanks
Praveen KHariPraveen KHari
Hi Siva,

This trailhead project will help you.


-Praveen K Hari
Siva SakthiSiva Sakthi
Hi Praveen,

This is also Leaflet map. I want to use google map insteaded of this leaflet map. In the trial head example they given the js files for leaflet map like if any js file have to download and store in static resource . I want to use the google map not leaflet map.
Rajan PatilRajan Patil
Hi Siva,

Did you get solution for google map? i also required the same :(
maurizio colombo 8maurizio colombo 8
Someone have some idea? Is it technically possible?
Michael WelburnMichael Welburn
You would need to iframe Google Maps in order to use it in a Lightning component as of today. Using their JS snippet is not allowed, as it attempts to pull in additional resources from Google servers which goes against the security of Lightning (which requires all assets be stored as static resources).