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Queueable class and governor limits

Do queued jobs using Queueable class get their own set of govenor limits?  For example, the limit for DMLs is 150.  If a trigger has 10 DMLs, does the queued job still have all 150 DMLs allowed?
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Martijn SchwarzerMartijn Schwarzer
Hi Haystack,

Yes, every queued job using Queueable class has its own set of limits. This is because this is a separate transaction.

You can test that by creating a Queueable class for test purposes like this:
public class TestQueueableLimits implements Queueable {
    public void execute(QueueableContext context) {
        System.debug('DML Statements Limit: ' + String.valueOf(Limits.getLimitDMLStatements()));
	    System.debug('DML Statements used: ' + String.valueOf(Limits.getDMLStatements()));    

The result is:

21:00:14:006 USER_DEBUG [4]|DEBUG|DML Statements Limit: 150
21:00:14:006 USER_DEBUG [5]|DEBUG|DML Statements used: 0

Happy coding!

Best regards,
Martijn Schwärzer