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Gregg Ziliani 6Gregg Ziliani 6 

Merging trailhead accounts?

I need to merge my trailhead accounts as I have a ton of progress on an older account and now Salesforce is starting to track my Trailhead progress internally. I don't see the point in having to retake the training just so the points/badges are associated with an account they report on. Please let me know how to accomplish this.
R Z KhanR Z Khan
Hi Gregg,

CUrrently its impossible to merge the accounts for trailhead. You can vote for the idea below so SFDC implements it in the future

Please mark this quesiton as resolved
Marek Smerak 12Marek Smerak 12
Hi guys, the idea has been delivered. You need to ask trailhead support and provide them with 'from' and 'to' user ids: