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Pintu FrancisPintu Francis 

Error while passing list of Custom Object records from Lightning component controller to Apex (@auraenabled) function

In my Lightning component a list of Custom Object records are fetched and being displayed on the component. After editing some of the records and sending back the same list to the Update function in apex controller. The call is not getting initiated. It is throwing some error "Unable to read sObject" in the browser console.

The type of return value in first function to get records, type of attribute in component, and the type of parameter in Apex update function are all the same (custom object). Name-space also is added as required.

The same code was working perfectly before Spring '16 release. Any thoughts are welcome.
Mohith Kumar ShrivastavaMohith Kumar Shrivastava
Would you mind sharing some sample code so that I investigate this ?Thanks 
Joshua Long 10Joshua Long 10
@pintu did you ever get this resolved? If so what did you need to change? I am currently hitting this error and have set the sobjecttype as well as added the namespace and can't seem to find anything I missed.