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John ClevelandJohn Cleveland 

Click Results???

I don't know how to get this in Salesforce so wanted to post here to see if anyone knows of an app in the appexchange to get this or if anyone has coded a solution to capture it in a custom object, if that's even possible.

Is there a way to get click results to see what users are viewing or actions they're doing? Basically we want to see how many times a user clicks on the account tab or any other tab and how many times they click on a specific record and if they edited it when they viewed it and what else users click/view, rather it's a report or document or whatever
Praveen KHariPraveen KHari
There is something called event monitoring SFDC. it may not fulfill all your requirements.You can also check options on google analytics ans salesforce integration. Go through below link for trialhead module. will keeo you posted if i find anything. 

-Praveen K Hari