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גפן דרדושגפן דרדוש 

Age (Formula) field that won't change automatically

In the object Contacts, there is "age" field which is a formula field depending on the birthdate. 
In another object- Events, I want to know the age of the contact in each event. for example, if she was 17 years old, and the event was in 1/1/2015, I still want to see the same age (17 Y/O) even if now it's 1/1/18 for instance. 
How can I keep the age so it won't automatically change?

Thanks a lot!
Brenda S FinnBrenda S Finn
If I understand your request properly, you want the Age field to show the Age of the Contact at the time of the Event correct? So persumably there is a Date field on the Event?
גפן דרדושגפן דרדוש
Yes, you understood properly and there is a Date field in the event.
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann

If you use process builder to trigger an autolaunched flow everytime an event is created, this can be done. What determines the complexity of the flow, is if you want this to fire only when Name on the event is a contact. If so, simply have the flow update a number field on events to the value of the "age" field, it won't recalculate the number the number later, it will stay 17 like you wanted to in the example. If you want the flow to work with Contacts  and Leads, you'll have to put a way to distinguish the two in the flow and grab the age of the person from the desired object. If you need help writing the flow I'd be happy to assist you as much as possible.