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Amit Kumar Singh 19Amit Kumar Singh 19 

Customer Community Login Page Issue - Display Inetrnal data

Hi Everyone,

I am implementing customer community where I am getting an issue with Login Page.
On Login page I want to display my chatter logo but it is not getting displayed.
Internally it is working fine but whle accessing it externally I am not getting any logo.

Please note that all the chatter groups are private

global with sharing class CustomLoginController {
    global String username{get;set;}
    global String password{get;set;}
    global List<Network> community;
    global String communityId;
    global List<CollaborationGroup> cgroup{get;set;}
    global CustomLoginController ()
        community = [SELECT id, Name FROM Network where name =: 'Customer Community'];
        if(community.size() > 0)
            communityId = community[0].id;
            cgroup = [SELECT Id,Name,NetworkId,MemberCount,SmallPhotoUrl,FullPhotoUrl FROM CollaborationGroup where NetworkId =: communityId];
     global List<CollaborationGroup> getcgroup() {
        return cgroup;

     global void setcgroup(List<CollaborationGroup> l) {
         this.cgroup = l;
    global PageReference forwardToCustomAuthPage() {
        return new PageReference( '/ExternalLanding');
    global PageReference login() {
        return Site.login(username, password, null);