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ajay ambatiajay ambati 

rollupsummary feilds

hi this is ajay, why we use rollupsummary feilds only in master objects?what is the reason?explain in detail?and also in what scenario we use this?
Dear Ajay,

Rollup summary field calculates the values from related records.

For more info please check in following link where you can find example as well.


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Anjith kumar.
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
There's an appexchange app that can use lookup fields and create roll-up summary fields out of them. It's called "roll it up" I believe.
Deepthi BDeepthi B
Hi Ajay,

In a nut-shell, a Rollup Summary field calculates values from the records in its related list. It carries operations such as count the no.of detail records for the master records or can calculate the sum, minimum value, or maximum value of a field in the detail records.

These standard roll-up summary operations considers all the detail object records, hence it is only created on the Master- Detail Relationship. This functionality can be implemented on Lookup relationship by some customizations, please refer the below link for creating rollup summary functionality on the lookup fields.

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JyothsnaJyothsna (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Ajay,

While formula fields calculate values using fields within a single record, roll-up summary fields calculate values from a set of related records, such as those in a related list. You can create roll-up summary fields that automatically display a value on a master record based on the values of records in a detailed record. These detail records must be directly related to the master through a master-detail relationship.

You can perform different types of calculations with roll-up summary fields. You can count the number of detail records related to a master record, or calculate the sum, minimum value, or maximum value of a field in the detail records.

Please refer the below trailhead link for how to create a roll-up summary field and where to use it.


Hope this helps!
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