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Garret PetersGarret Peters 

Points not being recognized

I am having an issue with my points not being recognized. While I've obtained 12 badges and nearly 3k points my profile showes me with 0 points and as a Newbie. Am I missing something? Are the profile points separate from the points obtained through earning badges?User-added image
Points are earned by participating in deverloper forums with activities like asking questions, answering questions etc.

Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
Yes, The score with a star and says "_____ Trailhead Points Earned!" is from completing units, whereas the score under your picture is for the developer forum. You can get points by answering questions like this, especially if it becomes a best answer, and if you receive a like on your question. That list probably isn't exhaustive, but the more activity you have the more likely you are to gain points. After you earn 500 points, you can become a smartie.
Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Hi Garret Peters,

There are two type of point you will get in develoer community.
1) Developer community activity
2) Trailhead activity

Your 2950 point are related with trailead and point under your pic is your developer communiy activity point.
Your profile is newbie because your point are less then 500.

It has 4 levels.
newbie - until 500
smartie - 500 - 2000
pro -2000 - 5000
allstar > 5000

How to earn developer community point
1) Mark best Answer of your qustion. Then you will get 10 point
2) If any one will like your comment then you will get 5 point
3) If any one will mark your comment as Best Answer then you will get 25 point.

As you new in salesforce developer Forum some more information for you keep the community clean.
It's a Best pratice to close every question after marking the Best Answer (select Best Comment which helped you ) if your issue/ question will resolve. So that if some one has the same issye that post can help other also

Amit Chaudhary
chong kimchong kim
so what are the different levels on trailhead points?
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
There currently is not a ranking scale, @chong kim. Even if you have 100k points, you don't get any special marks on your profile.
chong kimchong kim
Thanks @Parker Edelmann     that answers my question
Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann
Glad I could be of service.