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mvr pallalamvr pallala 

Items to Approve implementation using Apex + Vf Page


Is there any sample code to implement the items to Approve functionality in the Home Page Layout using Vf Page.

Can anyone help ?
Carlos Campillo GallegoCarlos Campillo Gallego
Hi mvr

You can check a code example in this unmanaged AppExchange app:

As it's unmanaged, you can see the code used in the Visualforce page and build one on your own.

Ashley Sisti 11Ashley Sisti 11
This is great except it's built for SF1 and won't load in the classic UI homepage because of the javascript. I need a simpler version of this that just displays the items to approve - doesn't need to do any dynamic loading, just needs to show the items and be able to include custom fields from the object that the approval is tied to. Is there any example code of doing this, without all the complexity in this package?
Mark GuildayMark Guilday
Also would love to get my hands on something like this