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can we have different picklist values based on logged in user country?.

can we have different picklist values based on logged in user country?...for example

I have a picklist field called "unit of measurement" in Account object having values (m,cm,km,mm). The requirement is if thailand user logged in , i just need to see (m,cm,km). i don't want mm to be displayed for those users. and for all other users picklist values should be (m,cm,mm). Record types are global for all the users....it should be implemented in Account standard page layout.
please suggest a solution for this other than RECORD TYPE.
Hi Shilpa,

Yes you can using record types.

Prepare two record type for that object where in one you can select the list of picklist to be displayed for thailand and select the other piclist vlaues for other as well. and assign this record type to the thailand and others respectively .

refer : https://help.salesforce.com/HTViewHelpDoc?id=viewing_and_editing_record_types.htm&language=en_US

let me know, if it helps you or need any help :)

Hi Shilpa,

1.Create two record types
2.Have all pick list values added
3.Go to the record type you want to give acces to the values
4. Select those values and hit 'Remove"

Let me know if this helps

OK.. barring creating record types as you specically said you don't want to use Record Types the only other solution I could see would be embed a VF page in the standard layout (vf page just goins a custom coded picklist, and differentiate the options in the list using business logic in your apex controller extension backing the vf page.