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Not varying dashboard in pdf

i want to display the graphs(dash board) in pdf,i can able to disply the graphs in pdf, but hear it is not varying based on record values it is showing one graph(dashboard)for every record,please help on this,see the below tag what ever i have used in vf page

<img src="https://itssrc-dev-ed.my.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.ChartServer?rsid=0FL28000000Jo5M&ruid=00528000001ntny&did=01Z28000000eStI&s=7&fs=10&tfg=12&tfs=-16777216&explode=0&c=pie&cs=0&title=&eh=no&compo=yes&fg=-16777216&bg1=-1&bg2=-1&bgdir=2&dl1=Utility+Name&dl2=&l=2&sax=yes&Yman=no&nc=0&actUrl=%2F00O280000055Y0T&sd=1&scv=yes&sct=no&spt=no&bd=yes&cu=INR&ab=X&u=0&vt=0&ab2=Y&u2=0&vt2=0&vl0=Sum+of+TimeLineScore&spoc=no&topn=no&gc0=-1&gc1=-1&gc2=-1&sona=0&refreshts=1458279436000"/>
Richard Jimenez 9Richard Jimenez 9
Hi Surya,

You will need to refresh the dashboard for the data in the chart image to update. Here are some options:

1. Schedule the dashboard to refresh and email to users (i.e dont use PDF!).
2. Check out bob buzzards auto-refresh solution here: http://bobbuzzard.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/automatic-dashboard-refresh.html