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Swamy PSwamy P 

how to remove "new" button in lookup for some objects

Hello everyone,

i'm able to see "New button" in all of the lookup buttons but i want to hide that "New button" for some of the Lookup's(some of the objects).

How can i a cheive this? Suggest me..

Thanks in advance!!!
From Setup > type 'User interface' > click on it.
> Uncheck 'Show Quick Create' box and save.

This will apply to all places in org.

- Kalpesh Surana
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Swamy PSwamy P
No Kalpesh,

I just need it for few objects...not the all objects. Is there anyway to disable for few objets.?
Tavva Sai KrishnaTavva Sai Krishna
Hi Swamy,

You cant hide it for some objects. If you want you can go for visualforce page . 

In this scenario you have to create two visualforce page one is for edit page and another  lookup page. 

Sai Krishna Tavva.