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baby prasanthi pattapubaby prasanthi pattapu 

Create a unit test for a simple Apex class, for this challenge when iam trying to create apex class VerifyData it is giving error not a legal name

Mahesh DMahesh D
Hi Prasanthi,

Please provide your existing class and test class so that we will help you.

Han Phyo AungHan Phyo Aung
Use this code to win the challenge.

public class TestVerifyDate {
    @isTest static void testCheckDate(){
        date d1=VerifyDate.CheckDates(system.today(),system.today().addDays(10));
        date d2=VerifyDate.CheckDates(system.today(),system.today().addDays(78));
Christophe_         LereverendChristophe_ Lereverend
Thanks @Han Phyo Aung

Works Perfectly!