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Amit Khanduri.Amit Khanduri. 

Need a Client name field same as company feild in Lead convert page. How do i Do that??

I Need a Contact name feild in lead convert page which will carry forward the contact name in opportunity. 
Are you trying to pre-fill this with the ability for a user to change it prior to submitting the conversion?  Or do you want this to be automatic and always the Contact's name.  If it's the latter, you can do this with either a before trigger or you can probably use process builder to do it.  Otherwise you'll need to override the Visualforce page [1] with a custom lead convert that you then pre-fill in with the name.

[1] http://www.topalovich.com/2014/02/salesforce-custom-convert-lead-page-and-lead-conversion-process-using-visualforce-and-apex/