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Valter Podmanicki JunorValter Podmanicki Junor 

HTTPS - Setup -> Certificate Key Management -> Import from Keystore

Hi all
Customer provided the .CER public certificate from Global Sign 

And I am trying to import into Salesforce via Setup -> Certificate Key Management -> "Import from keystore" without success, the weird behavior is that show  NO error ,
I enter the JKS file (imported using keytool , please check command bellow) and the password and when I clicked into Save button the screen return to the previous window with NO certificate imported

 keytool -importcert -file certificate.cer -keystore keystore.jks -alias "Alias"

Any help will be very appreciate

Valter Podmanicki JunorValter Podmanicki Junor
Please take in mind that Salesforce in this particular case is the Client , the idea is to connect to SAP via HTTPS to receive Financial information 

For this process I need to import the public certificate, or is there any other procedure to create this HTTPS request 
Arpan Muhuri 9Arpan Muhuri 9
Hi @Valter, I am also facing a similar issue in my project right now. Did you find any solution for this?