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Need Trigger for following Scenario...

Hi Everyone...

In Account sObject we have a field named "Phone"...
While Inserting Account a Contact should get created with the value given in field "Phone"...
When Updating the Account if I change the  Phone Number then a new contact with new phone number should get created...else nothing should happen...

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Hi Vempally,

The above mentioned requirement can also be accomplished with the help of Process Builder. For achieving this through code, you can use below mentioned trigger on Account object:
trigger AccountTrigger on Account(after update, after insert)
	List<Contact> lstContact = new List<Contact>();
	Map<Id,Account> mapOldIdToAccount = new Map<Id, Account>();
			mapOldIdToAccount = Trigger.oldMap;
		for(Account objAcc : Trigger.new)
			if(Trigger.isInsert || (Trigger.isUpdate && objAcc.Phone!=mapOldIdToAccount.get(objAcc.Id).Phone))
				lstContact.add(new Contact(LastName = 'Test', Phone = objAcc.Phone));
	insert lstContact;