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Mahatma VijayMahatma Vijay 

Need some help regarding tracking a field


So we have an object called 'Asset' with one of fields as 'Software version number'. We want to track the software version number in Case Object. Whenever a client generates a case we want the software version number to auto-populate the field. I thought of creating a field on Case and giving a lookup relationship and/or creating a formula field to pull this information into Case. So here's the issue- When the software version changes (In asset object) as the client upgrades their software, this version number we have on case object is also updating. Is there a way to store the old software version in the case object even after the information in Asset field changes? Can I create a custom field in Asset object to save that information and pull this into Case Object? Can someone help me with this? I'm sorry it's a little confusing
John Pipkin 14John Pipkin 14

You can write a process using the process builder that stamps the version number on the case when the case is created. That way, when the asset record changes, the old value will still be there. 

Hope that helps
Ravi Dutt SharmaRavi Dutt Sharma
Hi Revnath,

1) Create a lookup between Case and Asset. Asset will be the parent object and Case will be the child object (Case will have a lookup to Asset).
2) Create a text field on Case called "Asset Software version number". Enable History tracking on this field.
3) Create a workflow with field update on insert (and update if you allow reparenting of record) of case. This workflow will populate the Asset Software version number.
4) Now create a process builder on Asset which will fire when Software version number of Asset is changed. On this event, update all the associated child case records.
Makes sense?