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Niraj Kumar 9Niraj Kumar 9 

on My page there is a picklist value , If i change the picklist field value from A to B , It should show the popup message


on my VF page ther is a picklist field country, If I want to change the saved Country INDIA to USA, After changing the picklist value it should show the Pop up message on ONCHANGE EVENT.

Hi Niraj,

You can store the previous value in span tag and set its visibility to false. Just try with below mentioned code:

<apex:selectList value="{!somevalue}" onchange = "showPopUp(this);"/>
<span id="previousValue" style="display:none;">{!somevalue}</span>
function showPopUp(obj)
    if(document.getElementById('previousValue').innerHTML== 'A' && obj.value == 'B')