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Mthobisi Ndlovu 2Mthobisi Ndlovu 2 

Case Origin Field Default Value

Hi Guys

I'm trying to set the default value for the Case Origin field on the Case object but when creating a case the default value is not set even the though there's a value marked as "Default" which is "Phone" . How can resolve this?

Is it standard functionality that prevents the Case Origin field to have a default value?
Shalom RubdiShalom Rubdi
Per Knowledge Article 000005257 (https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?id=000005257&language=en_US), the origin is set to "Phone" if a Call Center is in place.  The recommended solution is using workflow (or Process Builder) to set Origin upon case creation.
Nate HughesNate Hughes
Hi Mthobisi,  I just ran into this old question...  The reason your Case Origin is not being set to "Phone" when you create it is because although you set a default value (of phone), you need to go to the record type and set the default value for Case Origin on the record type you're creating.
So: Go to Setup, Cases, Record Types, click the record type you're working with (not the edit button), scroll down to Caes Origin, and click Edit next to it, pick a default value of Phone.