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Guilherme OliveiraGuilherme Oliveira 

Can't connect to Sandbox Environment (Salesforce for Outlook)


I am trying to configure Salesforce for Outlook plugin on my sandbox environment, but keep getting an error (can't connect to test.salesforce.com. Verify the URL and connection and try again). I've tried changing credentials, rolling back to old versions of the plugin, changing the URL to my sandbox instance (cs50.salesforce.com), among other suggestions from the community, but nothing seems to work.

Also, I can login to my DE normally, and configure it as expected. The problem is exclusive to my sandbox, and other people on my team have faced the same problem. 

Any ideas as to what the problem might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Adrian AlcazarMichael Adrian Alcazar
Hi Guilherme,

Just wanted to ask is the error showing before you can type your Username  & PW, or after?

Huw KemmisHuw Kemmis
Hey I am also having the above issue. Can some one please let me know what the solution is.