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Shruthi GM 4Shruthi GM 4 

How to establish connection between ios and salesforce.

There is a requirement of using ios as front end and salesforce as backend.How to establish connection between these two.
Can somebody please help me.

Thanks in advance.
the below link  provides the essential libraries for quickly building native mobile apps(ios) that interact with the Salesforce cloud platform.backend by using (Salesforce REST API )https://www.npmjs.com/package/forceios 
Naval Sharma4Naval Sharma4
Hi Shruthi,

If it's a hybrid app using frameworks like Ionic then you can use Salesforce REST api. Here is the template which you can use in your app.

If it's a pure native app then go for Salesforce Mobile SDK. You can refer below link for reference.
Syan PillarSyan Pillar
I have reached is that Salesforce.com will pay you no attention unless you are spending a significant amount of money in user licenses on an annual basis. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t understand that the users were coming after the solution was built.