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Revathi SriRevathi Sri 

Error when doing "Upsert" operation in bulk API from client app(javacode) into salesforce.

I am getting error when trying to "UPSERT" the records from client app(java code) into salesforce using BULK API. Please find the following error " [AsyncApiException  exceptionCode='Invalid Job'  exceptionMessage='External ID was blank for Account. An External ID must be specified for upsert'].Even though after setting the external id field in account object.Please help me in this.
used the below code:
RAM AnisettiRAM Anisetti
Hi Revathi,

The External ID field allows you to store unique record IDs from an external system, typically for integration purposes.you need to intiate your batch with External ID field values too.

please refere below link for your reference

Revathi SriRevathi Sri

Thanks for your reply, I have created External ID in Account Object and given in CSV file as well. But still I am facing the same error. I have created my client application using Web Service Toolkit(WSC 36.0 with the dependent jars) and generated Partner jar using Partner WSDL. Kindly help me to solve this issue.