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Dale JonesDale Jones 

Can't Save Apex Class, Can't Delete Apex Class

I hit some combination of key strokes and did something to an Apex class. (I think I saw a message on the screen asking if I wanted to delete the file, but I'm not certain.) Now when I try to open it I get an error saying the file doesn't exist. But when I try to create an new version I can't, because I get a message saying it already exists. 

Repeat as necessary.

This file is part of a Trailhead tutorial, so it has to have a specific name or I can't evaluate my work, so have to use the name as assigned.

Matthew CokeMatthew Coke
contact salesforce support
+1 @Matthew Coke, You need to contact Salesforce Support .
Dale JonesDale Jones
I guess I just had to wait until it sorted itself. The old file name is now gone from the Apex class list and now I re-created it. Too bad I lost all the code in the class. 

Oh well . . .

Thanks for your replies though.