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Parker EdelmannParker Edelmann 

Disable the "opening sequence" in lightning.

Hello Everyone,
I was wondering how to disable the "opening sequence" in lightning experience? When you log in or open a new page using lightning, you have to watch the butterfly flap it's wings for a minute or until it's obvious it's not going to work and you have to revert to classic. This is one of my many grievances concerning lightning. My other big one is that you rarely can open other pages in new tabs because it's all done with Java, but even then you still have to watch the butterfly. Can anyone please help me with this?

Much appreciative,
Amit VaidyaAmit Vaidya
Hi Parker,

I think, there won't be any option to disable it. You can post this on Ideas. Till the time, we can do the following things if it's feasible for you:
1) If it's only for you, then you can keep yourself in Salesforce Classic and once getting in you can switch to Lightning Experience.
2) If it's for other users, then you can create the permission set by granting them 'Lightning Experience User' permission and can assign that permission to respective users only.