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S-Docs following API cannot generate doc automatically with zero-click

Hi All,

I followed the instruction on the S-Docs documentation wrting something like 


However, in my testing, the documents had never been generated.

I had a look at Apex job, it says something like

26/11/2015 4:35 PM Future Completed   0 0 0 Username 26/11/2015 4:35 PM SDBatch createSDoc 707N000000MAd2n

Do not know why it is future method and although it is completed, 0 batch was executed.

I had a try on 


which is mentioned on the SDocs document. However, the system says there isn't a method can accept creatSDoc(string, string, string).

Is there anyone that are famliar with SDocs?

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Savvy AdminSavvy Admin
On http://www.sdocs.com/documentation?p=api , they did not explain the attribute "oneclick" in CreateURL, but included "&oneclick=1" in the given examples.

After adding "&oneclick=1" in the line, I successfully created the document automatically.

From my point of view, the documentation is carelessly prepared. Perhaps SDocs will provide better documentation and better service for paid users?

Anyway, my problem is solved.