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Vijay sidaraddiVijay sidaraddi 

what class i have to write before doing RESTfull integration

Hi Team 

I have couple of question here which are 

* can some one tell me how to write test class for restfull integration,if interviewr asked what should i tell them? 

* In REST integration beofre sending request to external web service,where do we need to make entry for Rest integration, Is iit do i need to enable API? 

* Finaly on which basis I can go for Rest integration instead SOAP API I mean how to decide ?

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Below are answer  to your question, hope it will help :

1. For writing test classes you can refer below link, It very informative

2. If your sending information (Outbound) you need to enable api using remote site settings, refer below link :


3. The Basic use case for REST v/s SOAP is whenever you need to play with large amount of data you are going to use SOAP API and when ever there is less data to play you need REST API, Also SOAP is a protocol which come's first and REST is an architecture which help's for sharing information.