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Aditya Joshi 21Aditya Joshi 21 

How to renew expiring self-signed certificate...

I recieved "SFDC Expiring Certificate Notification" email regarding one of my expiring certificate. It is a self-signed certificate. How do I renew it? Once renewed, do I need to make any any changes/notify the system using this certificate? What is the procedure? Any user guide?
You need to download the CSR of your existing cert, sign it, and then re-upload it.  You should not need to notify any system assuming you are using the same CA as you did originally.
Hi pcon, I am using self-signed certificate & not CA signed certificate. Does your solution still holds good? I cant experiment with it as the certificate is from production with active integration channels. Please let me know. 
Yes, whomever is signing the CSR is still the same process.
Son Tung MaiSon Tung Mai
i also received the same notification emails, one from production and one from sandbox. the existing ones that are due for being expired, i cant edit or delete them. attempted to download and it asked me to "install certificate" which i did but nothing happened after that i can see/use to re-upload as your posts suggested. i created new selfsigned certificates which have new expiry date and they are active but it doesnt appear to work either. any suggestions please?
Russell MRussell M
The cert can be used by the Identity Provider and/or Single Sign-On.  If either is using the cert, the cert record cannot be deleted and you'll still receive notifications.