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Wim van BeekWim van Beek 

Database.insertAsync starts very slow

As part of lightning connect any update towards the external database has to be done with a Database.insertAsync action
<List<Database.SaveResult> results = Database.insertAsync(external obj records)>
In the documentation it states that it (the execution of the update/insert process) will start whenever there is some capacity to perform. Now I am facing the execution of these processes to be started after 5 to 12 minutes. Hardly real-time intergration !
Is there any way to control these extreem times ! or is this just a system problem (working on cs80).
Please share your thoughts/experiences
Nope.  There is no way to say when the insert will occur when using the Async method.  Just that it will happen "at some point in the future."  It is likely that it will occur in a faster timeframe in a production environment but there are no guarentees.