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surya kanadhipatlasurya kanadhipatla 

Issue: Community user(profile) not able insert the case team member using trigger(getting exception)

Hi All,
We have implemented a trigger to associate case team memebers to a case created via community user.
This trigger works fine for internal users but when users with community user profile creates a case its throws following error:
System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: OP_WITH_INVALID_USER_TYPE_EXCEPTION, Operation not valid for this user type: []

I have verified community user profile does have read/write access to case object and able to create the cases as well.
Even tried without sharing key word still exception.Observed the exception when caseteammember is inserted.
If i comment out the insert caseteammemebr line in trigger helper class no exception and case was created without case team members...

Any Help will be appreaciated...