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Beatriz MinguezBeatriz Minguez 

Reaching the Sandbox Properties

I am on a Beginners Module in the Trailhead and I am exactly on a section named "Top 10 “You Can’t Miss” Pages in Setup". Item number 6 is "Sandboxes". When searching the term "Sandbox" in the Setup search, I can't find anything related to it. Is there something that I am missing? How can I reach the "Sandbox" properties?
Dutta SouravDutta Sourav
Hi Beatriz,

You can't find this option in Developer or Group Edition.
It is
Available in: Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Database.com Editions
Available for purchase in Professional Edition.

Warm Regards,
Chandra Sekhar CH N VChandra Sekhar CH N V
Hope you are doing your trials using DE org. 'Sandboxes' option will not be available in DE editions. You can only view them
Ful SalesForce licenses like Enterprise, Unlimited, or production environments.